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Here is what parents and kids had to say...

Email update from mom of 8-year-old Dasha
Hello Nicki!  I wanted to report that I received an email from Dasha's teacher yesterday stating that she'd been tested in reading again yesterday and had improved two levels since she was last tested just before we came up to work with you (3 weeks ago)!!!!  The teacher was thrilled and impressed and Dasha was completely excited.  It's a major confidence booster to have her improving so much! This Friday is show and tell to bring one thing that you received over the holidays that has special meaning to you.  Dasha said she wants to bring her clay and dictionary.  I LOVE this girl and her enthusiasm for the program.  She refers to the Davis program as her "special exercises."

Email update from mom of 12-year-old Coley:  Happy New Year Nicki!  I wanted to give you a quick update on Coley and a few encouraging words to you.  Coley is doing really really well!  Her diction is so, so much better and her recognition of words and lack of stumbling and pausing is greatly improved!  We have been working at a slow but steady pace on the words in the book along with the clay formations. It is such a wonderful and successful process. We are in no rush and take it as it goes...letting her set the pace :)  She is growing in confidence and I think she wants to take an acting class that is offered down in Salem in February too! That is really a milestone because she has never had any real interest in anything, other than art.   I just want to encourage you in your commitment of this program and just your value in general! You are putting in so much time, effort, compassion (a genuine gift you have there...quite rare too) and talent into people. A lost commodity, so to speak, but none-the-less very valuable and highly prized.  You are sowing into a future generation whose talents and beginnings are yet to be seen but oh so needed and valuable! Keep going Nicki, you are making a difference! You are an incredible lady and I wish I could know you better! Guard what you have, keep pushing and being the light that you are!

  Mom Lucia:  "Thank you so much Nicki for all that you have done for Sophia!  I already see a difference and it has only been a week.  She went to the library today and checked out a chapter book, with very few black and white engravings and small print.  It was a book recommended by a friend.  When she got home, she sat and read 3 chapters.  I've never seen her do that and she has NEVER checked out anything that wasn't either a picture book for much younger children or a book on tape.  So already, her confidence and interest in reading has increased dramatically.  She showed us this morning, all of her Davis materials and explained everything to us.  She sat and read the dictionary for a long time.  It was so heartening for me to see enthusiasm. Sophia ended up finishing a 180-page book in 3 days which is remarkable for her!  She is committed and enthusiastic about doing the after program work and is telling everyone about what she learned and about the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program, as I am!" 


 "I feel like I found the missing piece to the puzzle.  My reading
 is easier already and I am more focused when skating."

   Davis Dyslexia Correction Program

After the Program, John's mother Mary said- "John
got the best report card of his life!"

            Davis Dyslexia Correction Program

Quote from mom- Amanda- "Noah is doing great
 this year. Math is so much better. Facts are

staying with him and I didn't have to start over
again! His reading is really
good now.  Thank you
again for all you help with Noah.
This program
has really helped him. I feel like it woke something
up inside of him that I always knew was there I

just couldn't reach."

            Davis Dyslexia Correction Program

"Words and reading are easier to understand
and make more sense now.  I feel so good. 
You are the best teacher ever.  My mom says
 she will pray for you forever."

                   Davis Attention Mastery Program

                      Davis Dyslexia Correction Program

Before school started Andrew and I were having a conversation about the different programs he has been involved in.  I was amazed to hear him compare and contrast the different programs.  The more he talked about the Davis Dyslexia program the more excited he became.  It has given him such a wonderful understanding of how his mind works and how he can control it. He knows how to get "On Point" and set his "Dial" so he can focus.  I was impressed with how Andrew was able to articulate what he learned through the Davis Dyslexia program and his confidence in his ability to do well. That conversation was worth every penny of the program. Also, Andrew said you were the nicest person he has worked with.  "Others would just drill me with the alphabet until my head was about to explode!"  "Nicki played koosh balls and
worked with clay with
me." The program has given Andrew such wonderful tools.  We talk about what settings on his "dial" are good for going to church or a restaurant.  He is now calm and delightful.  I also witnessed him literally turning down his dial when he was about to explode at his brother.  It was as if he opened a valve and let all the pressure out. That internal control is fantastic!   Thank you so much!

Davis Dyslexia Correction Program and Math Mastery Program

"I just want to express how thankful I am.  In just this small amount of time
I have seen a change in my son.  I know that you are just doing your job as a
facilitator, but I truly believe the change in not just because of the program. 
I believe it is your presence and compassion that has made him proud of the
boy he is.  I will be forever indebted to you and I want you to know we as a
family thank you for helping make a difference.  I believe God put us together
for a reason and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

 Davis Dyslexia Correction and Math Mastery Program

Natasha: " I read now.  It is easier to listen to people talk.  It is easier to be present." 
Mom:  "It was wonderful to finally see my child reading for pure joy and not hating it. 
There is a burst of wonderful confidence blossoming!"

              Davis Dyslexia Correction Program

Elena:  "It is easier to read, it is easier to see trigger words and it is easier
 to learn how to spell new words."  Mom:  "Please use us as a reference.  I
would recommend this program to anyone who asks."