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How does this Program work?

First a tool is given allowing the person to recognize and to control the mental state that results in distorted perceptions, thus eliminating this problem.  Once perception is accurate, the symbols and words that cause confusion and disorientation can be confronted and mastered with specific exercises that use the strengths of the right brained individual.

Other tools help the person to control energy level to correspond
with the activity at hand and focus more effectively. Multi-sensory
techniques that rely on the inherent gifts of the person are used to
start to master the basic symbols of reading and writing that cause the
confusion and disorientation in the first place.  Please go to the
Dyslexia Correction Link for a more detailed explanation.

What is gained by doing this Program?

Improved ability in reading, writing, math, ability to focus or physical skills. It is not uncommon to improve 1-2 years in grade level in reading or writing. (Future improvement is dependent on the continued use of Symbol Mastery by the student.) The ability to recognize and correct disorientations. A marked increase in self-esteem is very frequent along with the experience of success in learning.

Who can receive this Program?

Anyone who is 7 years or older and who is gifted with dyslexia. The person must be willing and motivated in order to reap the full benefits.

Is this Program just for those who are dyslexic?

This program will also benefit those with ADD, ADHD, problems with sequence and time, dysgraphia (handwriting problems), dyscalculia (math problems) and other problems- as these stem from the same root cause as dyslexia.  There are also specific Davis Programs for addressing and overcoming ADD and ADHD and math problems

What is the first step?

The first step is to call and schedule an initial assessment to see if this program is suitable for the individual. During the assessment, a certified facilitator will obtain a detailed history of the individual, complete a perceptual ability assessment to determine if the individual has the perceptual abilities associated with dyslexia, determine goals, ascertain motivation, complete a reading assessment and discuss findings and answer questions. It is complete and thorough and allows the facilitator to personalize a program(s) according to the exact needs and goals of the individual.  The assessment requires an hour and a half to two hours to complete (provided paperwork is filled out beforehand).  The cost of an assessment is $150.

What is the cost of the program?

The total cost of the full program is $3550. This cost covers everything associated with correcting the dyslexia.  There are no on-going fees of any kind.  This covers pre-program consultation, the one-on-one 30 hour Correction Program with a certified Davis Dyslexia Facilitator, the parent support training to complete the symbol mastery work, three post-program reviews, the Davis Kit, and unlimited phone consultations after completion. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Funds from an HSA may be used for this Program.  Please ask for the proper form at your assessment if you have an HSA. Click on the link below for further information (you will be directed away from this website) 


What if we cannot afford this Program?  NEW!   

Currently there are no scholarships available.

Financial scholarships are sometimes available to qualified families.  Criteria for qualification includes having a family member who has completed an assessment with a Dyslexia Facilitator and who is a viable candidate, agreement to the follow-up work required through a specific contract and inability to pay for a Program due to financial hardship.  Scholarships are determined on an individual basis and are available as long as monies remain in the fund.


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